CommissioningImpegno, passione, professionalità.

Pre- Commissioning:

Specialists in different disciplines according to the contract for the execution and certification of operations as:

  • Instrument calibration;
  • Hydrostatic Test according to the system subdivision;
  • Flushing line;
  • Cleaning vessel;
  • Electrical test;
  • Safety valve test and calibration;
  • Machinery Alignment;
  • Check motor rotation;
  • NDT;
  • Chemical cleaning.


Start-up specialists:

  • Plant preparation for start-up;
  • Carry out bolting on piping and equipment during airtight;
  • Test certification.

Start-up is essential for the last phase of the plant realization. During Start-up operations, operator’s competence and experience are essential for the success of the work.
In this phase there are different and unexpected events that can be resolved only by experts in Plant operations.
Before final activities, operators check or perform the below activities with the Client:

    • Assistance during the final activities of construction, pre-commissioning & commissioning;
    • Organization of indoctrination courses for Client’s new plant operators;
    • Preparation of manuals for Pre-commissioning, Commissioning and start-up;
    • Activity planning during the commissioning and start-up period.
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